Got too much content and too little time?

Slides not sleek? Nerves getting in the way?

Your audience not convinced?

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Become better at moving decision makers online or in person.

Learn to craft and deliver convincing presentations and pitches.

The structure, narrative, slides, body language, camera, nerves...

We've got you covered!


Online Courses

You want to learn by yourself,

right here, right now. You want to do it at your own pace and always have something to get back to.

Live Online Workshops

From a Studio 

Being in the moment is your thing. You seek real-time interaction but you prefer to do it safely from home. A great training for your teams or for yourself as an individual.



You want your teams to learn in person, on-site. You're able to provide a safe environment for everyone (covid19). That's great, let's do it!




A canvas for quickly generating a 30-second value proposition statement

(aka. elevator pitch)

2020-10-05 12_54_46-WOW-Statement Genera

The Teller's


One-pager that helps you

craft an audience-centered storyline for your pitch.

2020-10-05 12_54_21-Teller's Canvas v2.4

The Master


Describe your startup as a complete whole, not just the business model. Great for the

Q&A preparation!

2020-10-05 12_55_03-Master Canvas v4.11.

Training people at:

4,9 out of 5

65 responses

"For the second year in a row, your workshop

scored 4.9 out of 5, based on 65 responses!"

- Erwin van Eijden

  co-location center manager,



Viki Pavlič

   > 5+ years of experience

   > 300+ startups coached

   > 80+ workshops given

   > Delft University of Technology lecturer


Educational background in user-centered innovation, MSc thesis on pitch-craft (TUDelft).

"I empower innovators with the skill to move others because our ideas are only as good as our ability to communicate them."

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