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Your ideas are only as good as your ability

to explain, impress and convince others

to take action.

Learn the secrets of shaping arguments

into persuasive stories in a form of

a pitch, presentation or email.

See 1-on-1 coaching options

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+31 6 23 29 95 69

Need to persuade decision makers to grant you the very best support you're looking for?

Learn in a group with your colleagues or join an open workshop as an individual.


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4,8 out of 5

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The success is measured when your audience takes action, not when they say: 'great pitch!'

It's a crucial difference between saying and doing.

I'm Viki Pavlič, an entrepreneur and innovator with mechanical engineering and user-centred design backgrounds. Ever since my MSc thesis 'Pitch crafting guide for entrepreneurs' at Delft University of Technology, I'm dedicated to help you get what you need to make your ideas happen.

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