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Pitch Training 6-Apr-2021 - List of resources

Hey there,


Here's a video where I explain how to prepare the very core of your pitch with a WOW-Statement Generator:


Here's the recording of the pitch training (it was recorded in the cloud so I don't have a side-by-side view that we've discussed, unfortunately:)


Here're some examples of pitches for inspiration. Keep in mind that your context is a bit different:

>>> Dragon's Den pitch that helped my client raise €2.000.000 (the last pitch of the episode): 

>>> 500 Startups Batch 27 Digital Demo Day:

>>> Techstars NYC Accelerator - Demo Day 2020:


The latest canvasses can always be downloaded for free (no email required), from the landing page:


I'd love to stay connected:





Cheers, good luck with your pitches!


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